So, you are wondering what types of services a Park City air conditioning company has to offer! We offer different services that will help keep you and your loved ones comfortable inside your house no matter what the weather could be outside. Here are some of the common services being offered:

Routine Maintenance

Each year, your air conditioning unit must be checked for problems. A full inspection must be carried out in order to keep the unit functioning properly. Maintenance schedules are important to your home A/C unit to ensure that such issues would not get out of control. Detecting a problem with either of your units early on could result in less expensive repairs as such issues can be prevented from worsening.

Air Quality Tests

You can have our certified technicians run an air quality test in your home and prevent your family from inhaling an unnecessary amount of contaminants. Once the air quality inspection has been conducted, you can then have your filters checked to know if they should be replaced or can be arranged for duct cleaning.

Duct Cleaning

Heating and air conditioning systems use ducts to keep a room warm or cold. Either way, ducts tend to hold almost all sorts of contaminants. If you fail to have the ducts cleaned frequently, the debris may slip noiselessly into your house and into one’s lungs. This also creates a lot of dust on the counters, carpets, floors and furniture.


Over time, your air conditioning unit could likely need some repairs. The moment you noticed that something is wrong with your unit, see to it to call a professional immediately. It could be that your air conditioning unit is not keeping a room cool or causing noise. A professional can help you get your unit back to its normal condition.


Repairs are not just the problems that many homeowners tend to look for. A replacement unit may sometimes be needed depending on the circumstance. Our air conditioning service professionals can explain to you all options available for you and assist you in choosing the right system or unit for your home.

From there, we will take care of the removal of the system as well as the installation of a new one.